Services for Spanish autonomos

There is a lot of information on this website and the idea of this page is to assist Spanish self-employed (autonomo), or those thinking about becoming autonomo, to find their way around. Here you will find:

Quick links to useful advice and guidance on the site

A description of our autonomo service

A discussion of charges

Quick Links for autonomos

Articles written specifically for autonomos -

Guide to Spain's Autonomo System This is our main page for autonomos. A comprehensive guide to all things autonomo.

Autonomo expenses guide A look at expenses allowability and claiming.

Subsidies for autonomos There are many different autonomo subsidies and they change by region and over time. This is just one typical example.

Articles relevant to autonomos -

Invoicing to and from Spain - New VAT rules Relevant if you are an autonomo involved with overseas companies either as customers or suppliers.

Late reporting penalties The autonomo section on this page explains reporting requirements and the consequences of being late.

Starting a business in Spain General advice for those starting out in business in Spain.

Why Advoco? Our autonomo service

Without wishing to fill this page with sales talk, there are some good reasons to choose Advoco as your accountant and adviser if you are an autonomo or thinking of becoming one:

We have an all-inclusive accounting, tax and advice package which is competitively priced according to each individual's situation (see next section).

We specialise in English-speaking non-Spanish businesses and thus are very familiar with the issues they face, such as foreign tax considerations and dealing with overseas suppliers and customers.

You will be assigned an English accountant from the outset for all your interaction with Advoco.

Advoco is the English-speaking part of a partnership with a large Spanish asesoria (GECASA S.L.), which means we have access to a wealth of Spanish expertise and contacts.

Because we have clients all over Spain who are serviced from our central office in Granada, our service is built around electronic, paperless communication. This minimises time spent in meetings, visiting offices, and delivering documents.

We have noticed that larger (and Spanish) firms tend to place client service and communication low on their list of priorities. We aim to be the opposite. For example, we aim to normally reply to emails within a day, if not quicker.

We take time to explain what is being done in your name. We do not expect you to simply trust that we are doing the right things for you - we will tell you what is happening at all times, even when the issues are complex.

OK, some of that was sales talk. Here is a list of the services we offer:

Registration both with the tax office (Agencia Tributaria) and social security (Seguridad Social). (If you do not already have a social security number you will need to visit an office in person to obtain one, but we will give you full instructions on how to do this.)

Advice on setup, IVA, retentions, invoicing and other practical requirements, personal tax implications, social security options, international considerations.

Ongoing advice on all day to day tax and business matters that arise.

Quarterly and annual declarations (see requirements list here).

Keeping accounting books and records sufficient to meet legal obligations and produce declarations.

Obtaining IVA (VAT) refunds and other dealings with the Agencia Tributaria (for example in relation to unpaid back taxes or retentions).

Liaison with other accountants overseas who handle the autonomo's interests there.

Personal annual tax returns for the autonomo, and their spouse if appropriate, (charged separately).

Management accounts: analysis of sales, costs and profitability to an individual specification (charged separately).

Autonomo packages & charges

 We charge €85 plus IVA to register an individual for autonomo tax and social security.

We charge from €55 plus IVA a month for our standard package which combines most of the services listed above.

Each autonomo is different - please feel free to apply for a quotation based on your circumstances.

Many of the services listed and others can be quoted for separately.

We welcome queries on all autonomo matters and will answer them free of charge within reason. Contact us to find out more.