Spanish tax advice

Information and services for Spanish tax payers

Advoco is a partnership of Spanish and UK qualified professionals delivering professional advice in English at reasonable rates. Here you will find information about our services for private individuals with Spanish tax requirements. Click through to a similar page for businesses and the self-employed here.

Tax services for individuals

Non-resident tax returns: Model 210 for property owners from €50 (details)

Resident tax returns: We conduct a review of the resident client's tax affairs, advise on ways to minimise tax and prepare and submit tax returns for a fee from €100 for an individual and €150 for a couple.

Special situations include:

- changes of tax residency between countries
- unpaid or undeclared taxes from past years
- ensuring income from overseas is not taxed twice and can be received gross where possible
- offshore assets and income
- individuals who work abroad but live in Spain or who have other business assets and interests
- correct treatment of pension and annuity income

Other income tax information available:

Spanish income tax Q&A - Do you need to submit a Spanish tax return? - Spanish income tax rates

Besides income tax, expert advice and free consultations are offered on all Spanish tax matters including:

- tax residency
- capital gains tax including rebates for excess CGT charged on property disposals prior to 2007.
- unpaid back year taxes
- investigations
- property taxes

Notes: Rates quoted assume relatively simple tax affairs. Quick queries are answered free. Fees for more extensive consultations are agreed in advance. Small projects typically cost €60 to €120. IVA is not included.